“The Savage Baskets team is composed of like-minded individuals who met from multiple different NFT projects. Our core values consist of Peace, Love, and Positivity, aiming to create an all-inclusive space for everyone. We believe the world could definitely use more of this! Once the opportunity appeared for these people to create a project that would benefit and reward their inclusive community, Savage Baskets was formed.

The first phase of Savage Baskets allows the community an early opportunity to embark alongside the developers through obtaining a Genesis Pass.

Each Genesis Pass HOLDer is granted one (1) free NFT in each of the next stages, special access and voting abilities about the future direction of the project, and much more. Throughout the project, exclusive alpha information will be given to the HOLDer of the project to create new opportunities for them to get ahead. The developers created this project to allow the community to greatly benefit from seeing their vision early on, creating stability and prosperity in their lives right alongside them.

Come join the Savage adventure!”

Hall of Friends


Phase 1: Weaving The Basket (Q1 2022)

The 1000 Genesis Pass NFTs weave the base of our community, granting each HOLDer:

  • Full voting power in the Savage Baskets project
  • Free mints for the following phases (you pay gas)
  • Access to private classes: financial, wellness, & more
  • Special Roles in our Discord

Phase 2: Filling The Basket (Q2 2022)

A collection of 6,000 unique Savage Basket NFTs, featuring random traits and a basketful of 1/1s. HOLDers are granted:

  • Voting power in the Savage Baskets project
  • Claimable rewards: managed by a Forbes Top 200 Bank Manager and total basket case!
  • Exclusive giveaways for Basket HOLDers in the Discord

Phase 3: Going Savage (TBA)

The first Savage Basket vote-driven project focused on expanding our mission on the blockchain. HOLDers are granted:

  • Sponsorship of members with sought out-talents
  • Develop digital community service project
  • Competitive blockchain gaming leagues
  • Special access to community assets
  • Community NFT launchpad

Phase 4: Spreading Peace, Love & Positivity (TBA)

Fully driven by the Savage Baskets HOLDer’s community.

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Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for a ‘Non-Fungible Token”. It is a unique digital item within the blockchain-managed ownership application that users can own, buy, sell, and trade, with each being completely unique

How do I obtain an NFT?

To mint an NFT, you will need to obtain the ethereum cryptocurrency and transfer the currency to a wallet, preferably a metamask wallet. From there, you will connect your wallet to our website allowing you to mint the NFT.

How many Savage Baskets NFT’s will be available?

The first phase profile picture NFTs will consist of 6,000 unique NFTs.

When will the minting process begin?

The minting process of the first phase will proceed beginning in Q2 of 2022.

How can I obtain a WL spot?

The best way to obtain a white list position is by purchasing a Genesis Pass which allows you to skip the line completely! The other way to make yourself known within the community and earn a white list position is by representing our value system of peace, love, and positivity. Being present while always putting others first and helping others will be noticed and honored

Why Savage Baskets?

Savage Baskets NFTs are unique with many different utilities designed for the long term benefit. Each profile picture NFT holder will receive claimable rewards on a monthly basis after the project has completed. The holders of phase two and three will have access to special events, giveaways, and get to steer the direction of the project in ways they choose for their own benefit.


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