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Yooo!! My name is Russell Horning, but you probably know me as @thebackpackkid aka the guy who made up the viral dance move the “Floss” that took the world by storm and landed into multiple video games, commercials, movies, and much more! This is my first NFT project, a collection of the most important milestone moments in my career from the very beginning at around age 9 until now age 20!

I am transitioning into the next chapter of my life and my career and this collection represents both closure and a fresh start to my future. Taking a moment to sit and reflect on a decade is wild. I’m beyond grateful for the path God has given me, and also big thanks to my family, friends, and all my supporters who helped make thebackpackkid possible!

Now in the next phase of my life I’m focusing a lot on building up my wisdom and skillset since I believe knowledge is power and I want to use what I know to impact millions once again. I started studying up on acting, comedy, musical instruments like the piano, fitness, and overall self growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. I can’t wait to show you what is in the works! Come back at the end of this year to see the progress 🙂

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2010, I was 9 years old. Often at night I wondered, how I would grow up?

I would reflect on what I wanted my future to become. I dreamt of a life of freedom, financially and creatively. I had no idea it would be the dance that changes my life for the better.

I was always a hyper kid who loved to show out when possible. I performed fun and silly raps at middle school talent shows which built me up as a character.

One time for hat day in 8th grade I wore a cooking pot on my head. My teacher called me to the principals office and she made me take it off lol.

This NFT includes the original video of me that Rihanna posted on her Instagram to celebrate her Grammy nomination.

It was my first huge viral moment. Katy Perry saw it and invited me to Saturday Night Live.


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May 2017, Debut of The Floss going viral on-stage with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live.

This episode of SNL was the finale of season 42. There were 13 million live viewers! I was dubbed The Backpack Kid on the internet soon after it aired + got verified on Instagram 3 days later.

Katy Perry posted a video of her and I dancing on Instagram right before the big performance that would change my life. Met the Migos, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson and more on set. I came back to school the next Monday a freaking legend.

At the end of the very last set, everyone who was involved was on stage and I took this NFT video on my phone showing the set and everyone involved that night.

This event jump started my entire career and had me start traveling the world for all kinds of events.


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I won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for best dance trend March 2018. This video is of me dancing with John Cena.

It is biggest award I’ve gotten so far in my career. I got walk the orange carpet and meet a lot of Nickelodeon stars + cool people like Will Smith! Ran into Migos again.

Received the physical award which is an orange blimp 3 years later. I always dreamt of having one since a kid when I watched the show on TV.

Fun fact: I received the physical award which is an orange blimp 3 years later because it got lost in the mail! I always dreamt of having one since a kid when I watched the show on TV.


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This was my first time traveling out of the country (April 2018) as “The Backpack Kid” and I made national headlines in the paper when I went to Chile

I went to Santiago, the capital of Chile to do a commercial for their local apple juice brand. The brand gave me a week supply of apple juice but I loved it so much and drank everything in 1 day!

I did some elementary school pop ups while I was in town to show the kids love. Even picked up a little Spanish during the short time I was there! I really enjoyed learning and experiencing South American culture.


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I got this jersey with @thebackpackkid on it from the Sacramento Kings, July 2018 and wore it during my performance at their game.

I’ve done multiple performances related to basketball and appearances for the NBA. I got the opportunity to dance on the dance cam at multiple games, a celebrity basketball game with Steve Francis in Maryland where I made 0 shots, The Swish Swish music video for Katy Perry was at a basketball court… I even walked on the court after the All-Star game and met people like J Cole, and Odell Beckham Jr. The Harlem Globetrotters gave me a jersey with @thebackpackkid on it too.

Here’s me and Karl-Anthony Towns. I met him on the court. The video is me shooting a basket at Katy Perry’s Swish Swish Music Video as a walking basketball smiles at me.


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December 2021 – Me with my old manager’s business partners (Cbass + Diwang / Motion Family). Mobbing Miami, having a great time, getting work done.

The gang took a business trip together after my career-long manager passed away. Network away from Atlanta (our home city). It was Art Basel in Miami. We did a bunch of things like going on a super yacht hosted by Cheetos. The new environment allowed me to think about my future more clearly. Going to Miami actually gave me the idea of dropping NFTs.



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Feb 19, 2022: What my goals are for the future?

One of my biggest career goals is to be in a big movie. I want to pop out of a limo and walk the red carpet for the premiere. I want to show the world my other skills and passions and prove to people that I’m more than just the floss dance. I am going to work my hardest as I grow up and let my legacy continue into adulthood. My motivation through it all is to be a voice for the people that support me and show them that anything is possible.



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Making the song Flossin that landed a Genius interview.

I teamed up with producer and musician Remixgodsuede to make the song Flossin and we dropped a music video for it June 2018. It started gaining traction and a few months later I was hit up by Genius to do a ‘Verified” interview and that was released December 2018. It started going viral and there were memes on memes on memes going around.